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More than 30 years of experience in development, manufacturing, production optimization and technical purchasing in medical technology.


What we´re offer


·      CNC milling

Individual parts, small series, large series

with lengths up to 1000mm and a width of 700 mm


·       CNC turning

Small series, large series


·       Laser welding

·       Laser marking


·       3D printing

Coating of wear and corrosion protection layers

Laser deposition welding with wire and powder

▪ 3D build-up, repair und coating of components

▪ Near-net shape semi-finished products made of hard-to-machine material

Welded Materials:

▪ Steels: 1.2083; 1.2343; 1.2344; 1.2367; 1.2709; 1.3344; 1.4016 (430L); 1.4057; 1.4313; 1.4351; 1.4404 (316L); 1.7131; 1.7225; 1.7339; Capidur66

▪ Non-ferrous: Al-bronze; Ni 625; Ni 718; 2.4887; Co 6; Co 21; 3.3548; Mo

▪ Carbides: WC; VC; TiC; NbC


▪ Laser power: 2 / 4 / 6 kW (up to 16 kW on demand*)

▪ Beam quality: NA 0,1*

▪ Focus diameter: 1.2 – 4.0 mm*

▪ Deposition heads:up to 3 (wire, powder, inner powder)

▪ Deposition rate: 0,5 – 3 kg/h (3d-print); up to 5 kg/h (coating)

▪ Max. workpiece: Ø 1000 mm, H 700 mm

▪ Max. load: 1000 kg

▪ Control: Siemens SINUMERIK ONE

▪ Preheat: Up to 400 °C*

▪ Footprint: 2.65 x 2.65 m² plus periphery (~25 m²) & automation*


Workpiece sizes

▪ Three axis ▪ 1000 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm

▪ Four axis ▪ Ø600 mm x L1000 mm (A-Axis) ▪ Ø1000 mm x H650 mm (C-Axis)

▪ Five axis ▪ Ø500 mm x H500 mm (B-C-Axis)



Workpiece size:

▪ Ø1000 mm x H650 mm

▪ max. 1000 kg Options:

▪ Isolated faceplate ▪ Electric connection on the faceplate for additional part-heating


·       Parts assembly



As a company with many years of experience in production, we offer you

competent support in the mentioned areas.

Manufactured on the most modern machines, 5-axis, 4-axis and 3-axis

Production of individual parts up to the complete series

Complete module including assembly

CAD/CAM programming


Do you want to free up resources in your company, increase capacity, reduce costs and stabilize quality?


Are you looking for a reliable supplier who knows what is important?

From development, construction, partial assembly to the finished component?

One contact person and everything from a single source?


Then please contact us.

Based on decades of experience and a well-functioning network of certified companies, we are your contact here.


Don't let any bottlenecks arise, we look forward to your inquiries.


We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!



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